Nu-Me Snappy Shells

Nu-Me Snappy Shells

Life Energy Solutions
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Set of 3: Purple, pink, blue wrist bands + snappy insert (the EMF protection mechanism).

The Snappy bands and Natty protective pendants for kids of all ages, from birth to farewell, have the tried and tested Nu-Me technology and are embedded with scalar waves in the Solfeggio frequencies. With the same power as the compact size and the Confidential range Nu-Me protective pendants, they provide fashionable and fun protection.

The Nu-Me insert will fit both the Natty and Snappy cases – you can swap and switch around to suit your mood, or the needs of the occasion.

They give:
Full protection from Electromagnetic radiation.
Energy balancing including the personal energy system.
Support for the immune system.
Assist general wellbeing.
Help to concentration and learning: EMF radiation has been proved to affect memory and learning abilities)
Aid to sleep and sleep patterns: EMF radiation stops the production of Melatonin an essential hormone for sleep and preventing cancer.

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