HISTAMINE BALANCE™ – 5 ML Essential Oil Blend

HISTAMINE BALANCE™ – 5 ML Essential Oil Blend

Vibrant Blue Oils
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HISTAMINE BALANCE™ BENEFITS:   Helps reduce over-active histamine reactions and modulate the immune response

HISTAMINE BALANCE™ INDICATIONS: Histamine is a chemical compound released by the cells in response to injury, allergic or inflammatory reactions, causing contraction of smooth muscle and dilation of capillaries.  Histamine plays a role in immune responses, regulates physiological function in the gut, and acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

While the release of histamine is a normal defense mechanism, an exaggerated histamine response can bind to cell receptor sites, causing irritation and chronic inflammation. This inflammation of the nasal passages, sinuses, lungs and eyelids can cause sneezing, runny nose, watery, red, itchy eyes, rashes, breathing troubles such as wheezing, severe coughs, asthma, or hiccups.  Inflammation of the small intestine can present as food allergies and sensitivities.  Inflammation of the brain presents as fatigue, headaches and brain fog.  All of these symptoms are due to differing histamine receptor cells being overactive, which triggers numerous immune system reactions.

Histamine levels are designed to be kept in balance by two enzymes that breaking down excess histamine and prevent allergic reactions.  One of these enzymes lives in the lining of our intestines and must be present to maintain balanced histamine levels in the gut. A damaged gut lining compromises  the production and secretion of this enzyme allowing histamine to build up and wreak havoc throughout the body.

The goal is to balance, not block, the histamine response as histamine performs critical functions in body, contributing to HCL production and neurotransmitter signals.  The essential oils in the Histamine Balance blend are uniquely suited to modulate excess histamine excretion, balancing histamine levels and helping to reset the immune response and reduce allergic reactions.  Blue Tansy, in particular, is known for neutralizing histamine and helping to control allergic reactions.

HOW TO USE HISTAMINE BALANCE™: Designed for aromatic and topical use. If using topically, we recommend applying 1 -2 drops on the bottom of the feet.  For allergic reactions, smell or apply 1 – 2 drops behind your ears, on the back of your neck, or on your sternum to open airways.   For the gut and food intolerance support, apply in a clockwise direction around belly button.  For brain congestion, apply 1-2 drops at base of skull on the back of the head.  For Aromatic Usage, hold the bottle under nose for 3 or 4 breaths.

WHEN TO USE HISTAMINE BALANCE™: To support histamine reactions in the gut, brain and body, apply 2 -3 times daily.

HISTAMINE BALANCE™ INGREDIENTS: Vibrant Blue Oils Brain Balance Histamine™ blend contains a proprietary formulation of organic and/or wild crafted essential oils of Blue Tansy, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Manuka, Rosemary, Peppermint, Spruce, Ravensara, and Vetiver in a base of fractionated coconut oil.


  • To relieve congestion, apply 1 – 2 drops to a Q-tip and swab around the inside of both nostrils. This will initially cause an increased release of mucus followed by relief of symptoms.
  • To calm an allergic reaction to food, rub clockwise around the belly button.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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