E-4H 4 Person Elite Model
E-4H 4 Person Elite Model
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E-4H 4 Person Elite Model

Radiant Health Saunas
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With classic European design, this rectangular unit offers amazing spaciousness, comfortably seating four and creating a great gathering space for family and friends.

Features and Specifications:

  • Approximate Size: 58”D x 72”W x 77”H (62″D with overhang)
  • Carbon Flow far infrared heating system, including heating panels below bench

  • Digital controls inside and out

  • Plug-in, 20 amp 110-volt outlet

  • Integral latching system for a finished look and fast assembly

  • Spot lighting and mood lighting

  • Stereo with hard wired USB and AUX port for cell phone, laptop, and ipad compatibility

Radiant Health Sauna benefits:

- Our heaters have more surface area closer to the body than in the other saunas on the market.

- We have had independent VOC lab testing where a brand new sauna was tested by the lab...not just testing some of the components. That way you can be assured you are sitting in a completely non toxic environment.

- Our saunas are in the far infrared range; if one goes into PubMed, you will find research papers on conventional saunas and far infrared saunas; not near infrared or full spectrum. I have covered that in an article and video on our web site if you wish to see it.

- We have had independent EMF (Electromagnetic Field) testing where over 100 points were measured by a certified independent lab and we averaged 0.3 mG at point of body contact which is the lowest we have seen in this industry. It is very important that the heaters are not just tested in isolation, for then you are not including the electrical connections and wiring which often give off high EMF.

-We addressed EF (Electrical Fields) as well and brought the levels down below Building Biology standards.

-We have a heated floor, covered with a ceramic tile, so as not to expose the floor heater to the sweat

-We have a delayed start option where you can program the sauna, so it can be already warm when you wake up in the morning or return home later in the day.

-We have sold our saunas to over 3,000 practitioners and to thousands of people to use in their home.

- We have a drop down stereo system where once the music is playing you can close the hatch and it tucks back into the ceiling, so it is not exposed to the heat.

*You will be redirected to a third party website to make your purchase, but proceeds from your purchase still benefit the Who Is Carter Foundation. Use code BRAIN500 at checkout to receive a $500 discount!