Capra Mineral Whey - 1440 g

Capra Mineral Whey - 1440 g

Mt. Capra
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What is Capra Mineral Whey™? Capra Mineral Whey™ (CMW) is a 100% all-natural powdered mineral / electrolyte wholefood sourced from all natural goat milk whey. CMW contains over 20 naturally occurring macro and trace minerals in a bio-organic form that is easily assimilated by our metabolism.

Why Capra Mineral Whey™? For decades, Mt. Capra has single-handedly changed the nutritional landscape by manufacturing a one-of-a-kind goat milk mineral whey wholefood called Capra Mineral Whey™. CMW has provided the minerals and electrolyte needs of tens of thousands of health seeking individuals. Capra Mineral Whey™ is a mineral/electrolyte wholefood that is developed by a gentle extraction process that captures the nutrients without harsh processing steps or methods. CMW contains over 20 different minerals and electrolytes, including potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Why Potassium? Potassium is a key mineral that is involved in a multitude of systemic roles such as cellular and electrical function. Potassium helps to regulate acid-base balance as well as water hydration levels. Potassium deficiency is unfortunately very prevalent, and symptoms can include fatigue, depression, hypertension (high blood pressure) and muscle weakness. Potassium can be found in a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. However, the Standard American Diet (SAD) does not accommodate for proper potassium intake. The SAD diet usually consists of over-consumption of highly processed foods containing low amounts of potassium and high amounts of table salt sodium. CMW is a phenomenal product because it contains over 1000 mg of potassium in a recommended serving.

Why Sodium? Sodium is a crucial mineral for healthy cell performance, proper neurological function, and a host of other body systems and processes. Consider the relationship sodium has with amino acids and the importance becomes quite clear. Amino acids can only be absorbed through the small intestine via a sodium dependent transport system. Without sodium binding to a carrier, certain amino acids will not be absorbed. CMW is comprised of what is known as bio-organic sodium meaning that it comes from a natural food as opposed to table salt sodium. The sodium found in CMW will assist proper amino acid absorption.

What does “trace” minerals/elements mean? Minerals are divided into two groups. Macro minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, etc.) are needed in fairly large amounts while “trace” minerals (copper, zinc, manganese, vanadium, cobalt, etc.) are needed in very small amounts. Although minimal in size, trace minerals are a critical factor in maintaining a proper balance of health. CMW contains an abundance of both macro and trace minerals.

Does Capra Mineral Whey™ have electrolytes? Yes CMW does have many electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, and phosphorus. These positive and negatively charged ions are capable of conducting electricity in a liquid. They help maintain the membrane potential of cells and are a crucial aspect of muscle function, high energy levels, heart activity, and pH balance in the blood and tissues.

CMW’s effect on enzyme action. There are over 3,000 active enzymes in every cell of the body! An entire “family” of enzymes are called metalloenzymes because one or more metallic minerals play an essential role in their function. For example, copper is a key element in many enzymes that build or tear down body tissue. Manganese is used by enzymes needed to utilize several vitamins. Zinc is used in over 80 enzyme reactions that are critical for life in all people!

What do the experts say?

“ of the best natural mineral supplements I know is Capra Mineral Whey™.” World renowned nutrition guru Dr. Bernard Jensen

“Eating right isn’t enough anymore, we need Capra Mineral Whey™ to supply us with the enzymes and minerals for a healthy digestive track and a healthy lifestyle.” - Dr. LaMar Diltz, N.D., M.T

“The ages-old ability of the goat to provide nutrition suited to man, shines through with Capra Mineral Whey™, one of life’s greatest foods to promote digestion, synovial activity and sound cell structure.” - Dr. Paul Leatham, Ph.D.

“I have found that Capra Mineral Whey™ is most valuable in (replenishing) supplying the reserves that are nutritionally depleted through our everyday stresses and poor food choices. Mineral salts are necessary for the systematic function of all the body’s routines in normal homeostasis.” - Dr Renee A Welhouse, M.H., N.D.

“Most of us are familiar with fermented milk products such as kefir, buttermilk, and yogurt. But few realize the benefits of adding a simple dehydrated goat whey concentrate to their daily diet. Doing so assures our bodies of one of nature’s most complete and potent natural foods. Two quarts of liquid whey are dehydrated to produce one tablespoon of Capra Mineral Whey™ – a nutrient-packed concentrate, whose sought-after minerals hold the key to this ‘liquid sunshine’ and its inherent value.” - Dr. Tina Wellman, PhD, PNE

“We use Capra Mineral Whey™ regularly and in cases where I may have a very seriously ill patient, I always recommend that they get some CMW. I believe that Capra Mineral Whey™ is one of the finest acid neutralizing foods that we can possibly put into our bodies. It is not only high in potassium but it is high in sodium and will do a wonderful job in taking care of the chronic acid in the stomach wall. The stomach is a sodium organ and we find that we must take care of it if we want to be well and healthy. Digestion always improves when taking Capra Mineral Whey™.” - Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D. “

As athletes, we on the Jamaica bobsled team maintain a rigorous year round regimen. To train at this level we have to remain healthy and it is to this end that we take Capra Mineral Whey™. CMW keeps you at your optimum. Aches and pains go away, the stomach settles down and recovery time between hard workouts seems to be reduced. If we could take only one supplement, Capra Mineral Whey™ would be it.” -“Tal” Stokes, driver for the Jamaican Bobsled team

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